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Books: "Children Heard, I Love You More Than Chocolate", "How to Survive Today's Financial Fears", "The Political Primer," "The Goodbye Book", "Parenting, My Legacy" and "Job Seekers Home Study/Action Guides"and soon to be released book about Lewis and Clark On the River and the 200th anniversary reenactment celebration with the St. Charles Corps of Discovery.

"Author Marcia Tabram Philips has penned an extremely valuable guide to help children cope with challenges. "Children Heard, I Love You More Than Chocolate" is tightly written, without fluff, for a quick-read but packed with practical information and sound advice. It is a must read for all parents, divorcing-parents, single-parents, wanna-be parents, grandparents and counselors." order now

— John DeFrancesco, Author, "The Common Sense Guide to Publicity"

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marcia-speaking Dynamic, Articulate Motivational Speaker

Why invite Marcia Tabram Philips to be your speaker?

Timely, Exciting Topics with Thought Provoking Slide Show

Your audience will gain...

  • Insight Enjoying the learning experience
  • Helpful information Walk away with plans of action
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familybootcamp Schedule Marcia Tabram Philips for your educational, parenting, book club, history club, social organization, and church now to hear her latest timely topics!

Adding to her Parenting Help! Inspiration Session, Four new "I wish someone had told me that!" Offerings and one History Lesson Inspiration Session.

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lifecoachGet Motivated

One-on-One Help to Get Your Goal Accomplished

Need someone to stand by you helping develop the tools, fine-tune your skills while encouraging you to get a job done?

Marcia works in person or over the telephone directing, instructing and training individuals or groups, helping you to achieve a goal or develop specific skills designed to achieve your goals.

Marcia specializes in Parenting, Job Seeking, Legacy Creating and Death Planning, helping you Create the Memories of Your Legacy.

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Help! Get Me Motivated with a Coach!



Help for your organization, group or individual attention

  • A parenting expert, Marcia specializes in helping families with the challenges of raising children. Noted for her student success in the work force, Marketing Education & On-the-Job Training, Marcia consults with workers in landing a great job and employers in keeping the workforce focused on goals and service.
  • Marcia consults with groups or individuals about financial management and budgeting.
  • Having dealt with many deaths, Marcia speaks to baby boomers about the value of leaving their legacy and planning quality remaining years.
  • Sign up now to get the help your group or organization needs in parenting, peaceful living, legacy planning, death preparing, job seeking, financial reorganization. Give Marcia a call and see how she can help you and those you love and care about.
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Parenting: She will help your audience focus on raising children

Author Marcia Tabram Philips, daughter, mother, grandmother, friend, educator, community leader, child of God, shares her experiences

As parent, educator, divorcee Marcia knows several miles of the ropes. Marcia says: "If you love your kids more than chocolate and focus on creating memories and building character, you'll raise responsible, respectful, compassionate children"

Your Legacy, The Ultimate Gift: She will encourage your audience how to say "Goodbye," with humor and insightful planning, to prepare and create a legacy as the ultimate gift for our children.

After dealing with many deaths and planning celebrations of life festivities, friends sought her advice. Before long, she began composing details which lead to her book. Her ideas will help you lead a memorable life leaving a treasure of legacies.

On the River with Lewis and Clark: Having traveled alongside The St. Charles Corps of Discovery during the 200 year old anniversary re-enactment of Lewis and Clark's exploration of the unchartered Louisiana Purchase, author Marcia Tabram Philips has penned a thrilling accounting of this historic event.

She will get your audience, young and old, excited about history and exploration.

Humor: for survival, Marcia found humor in all challenges: politics, education, parenting, marriage, childbirth, yes, even death.

Much like "The Preppy Handbook" and "Southern Girls Primer", Marcia wrote "The Protocol Primer" to recognize the importance and humor in politics. You, too, will see humor in all you do!

Surviving Tough Economic Times: Be patient, don't panic, if you take steps to protect your finances and world you will survive hard times. Marcia gives your audience her secrets to Getting That Job you need and want even in a tough economy with high unemployment.

Marcia in the News

Web Interview
by Natalie Ledwell.



Life as a Moravian in Old Salem: Keeping the Traditions of the Brethren

Read more ...  forsyth-library Author Marcia Tabram-Philips will discuss her recent book How to Survive Today's Financial Fears: 101 Ways To Get Through Tough Times and Put Out the Fires in an upcoming program at Central Library. Ms. Tabram-Philips book offers succinct advice on topics ranging from job loss and job seeking to home financial management. Read more ... 

bismarck-tribune Missouri Slope Areawide United Way Women's Leadership Circle fall event, "Treasure A Life" is scheduled from 5 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. Tuesday at the Apple Creek Country Club in Bismarck.
Marcia Tabram Phillips, author of "I Love You More Than Chocolate," is the keynote speaker. Read more ... 


The program will feature North Carolina Humanities Council Road Scholar Marcia Tabram Phillips. Ms. Phillips’ presentation is entitled Life As A Moravian in Old Salem: Keeping the Traditions of the Brethren. A longtime member of Home Moravian Church, she actively participates in Moravian traditions (choirs, band, Old Salem events, teaching customs, mission work, and historic reenactments). She traveled alongside the St. Charles Corps of Discovery as they reenacted the historic 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark, penning a soon-to-be-released book.

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