How To Survive Today’s Financial Fears

101 Ways To Get Through Tough Times and Put Out the Fires
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101 Ways to Get Through Tough Times and Put Out the Fires

A necessary read for survival in today's tough times

The doom and gloom daily headlines, of foreclosure signs, employment woes, and cost of living on the rise, affects each of us. Worldwide headlines report more and more people standing in unemployment lines, being displaced from their homes, foregoing luxuries, and once strong businesses either collapsing or petitioning for financial help.

How to Survive Today's Financial Fears gives you timely and practical ways to find employment, cut back on finances and services, budget, and save, planning for the future and that of our earth.

Protect and save your job through indispensability
What to do when the Pink Slip arrives
How to Get that Next Job - Preparing Killer Resumes
Saving from the Energy Vampires
Bills you've gotta pay first

This must-have timely and innovative SURVIVAL book, with simple problem solving techniques and secrets to creating success, helps inspire those in the workforce encouraging maximum human potential to achieve and return to the American lifestyle intended by our forefathers.

This compact and easily tuckable SURVIVAL book will help you through the dark economic times and extraordinary employment challenges, providing hope and the all important tools for success. Special sections address those difficult challenges in job seeking including secrets Marcia teaches her students and coaching members. Just look in the index for the easy-to-find sections you need NOW and start improving your life and that of your family.

How to Survive Today's Financial Fears also makes a great gift for those families caught in the crunch of SURVIVAL. A $14.97 Value! Order Now!

The Moravian Worldwide Mission Disaster Relief receives a donation from each personal sale


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